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See Your Name In Braille!

A fun way to start - type in your name or another word, and find out what it looks like in braille.


Trivia Mania

Are you smarter than the Braille Bug? Here's the place to prove it. New: a special Trivia Mania edition for kids who have read Uncommon Traveler, one of the Reading Club selections!

writing pad with question mark

Riddles and Rhymes

These riddles and rhymes will tickle your funny bone every time you crack the code.

scrabble tiles

Braille Jumble

It's the Braille Bug's Super Challenge! Unscramble the braille letters to solve the puzzle.

puzzle piece

Jumble Puzzles

If you are using a screen reader or refreshable braille display, try these games! New: a special Jumble for kids who have read Walk Two Moons, one of the Reading Club selections!



Can you spot the pattern in each group of braille numbers? Some patterns go up, some go down, and some jump around!

magnifying glass over a question mark

Secret Message

Get some help from the Braille Bug to send a secret message to your friends.

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