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Activities for the Reading Club's Featured Books

Our featured selections are award-winning books that are obtainable in print from libraries and bookstores, and are also available in alternate formats (electronic or braille). Grade levels are approximate.

Because of Winn-Dixie

By Kate Dicamillo

2001. Candlewick Press

Available in braille from the following sources:

1. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
free - Available in braille and Web-braille
(202) 707-5100)

2. Seedlings
$14.50 - for Braille versions.
(800) 777-8552


1. Project #1: Pet Performance
Contrast the calm at Gertrude's Pets, while Otis played guitar, with the wildness that erupted, when he stopped playing. Have each student make their own sock, paper bag, or finger puppet: birds, fish, gerbils, lizards, mice, rabbits, or snakes. Arrange the puppets around the room, as if it were a store. Play the guitar music, so the pets can relax. Then stop the music, so the animals start moving. Start the music again, at which point they should sit still. The students can also become the animals themselves, moving appropriately and "freezing" when the music starts. Materials: (Variable) socks, felt, liquid glue, paper bags, paper, tape, guitar music.

2. Project #2: Building a Library, Book by Book
Most libraries don't have a dog near the fan. What else was in Miss Franny's library? Make a list of all the books you could find. Measure the inside of the shoebox, to figure out how much room you have. Then fold, cut, and tape the paper into bookshelves, tables, and chairs. To make them stand up, cut out strips of paper that are twice as tall as the furniture; cut the strips in half, length-wise. Fold the strips in half, width-wise. Tape two folded strips together, along one side. Tape the big flat side to the back of the furniture. Meanwhile, cut out, fold, and decorate paper rectangles, to make the books. Decide how the books will be organized, then shelve 'em! Build the characters, then have Miss Franny tell them a story. Materials: Shoeboxes, thick drawing paper, tape.

3. Project #3: Growing From Your Mistakes (Mistake Trees)
Grow "Mistake Trees," like the one in Gloria Dump's yard. Weave, twist, and braid wire or pipe cleaners into a tree trunk and branches. Tie a piece of thread to the end of each branch. Tape the other end to a plastic charm or bottle cap. Cut out paper leaves and spread them on a table. Tip the tree over, and tape the branches to the back of the leaves. Raise the tree, blow on it, and see if it makes noise. What were your mistakes, anyway? Materials: (Variable) soldering wire, pipe cleaners, thick colored paper, thread or string, clear tape, plastic charms, bottle caps.

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