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Activities for the Reading Club's Featured Books

Our featured selections are award-winning books that are obtainable in print from libraries and bookstores, and are also available in alternate formats (electronic or braille). Grade levels are approximate.

Freckle Juice

By Judy Blume

1971. Bantam Doubleday Dell Books

Available in braille from the following sources:

1. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Available in braille and Web-braille.
(202) 707-5100

2. Braille International
$2.80 - Braille versions are available for purchase.
(800) 336-3142

Related Web Sites

• Official Website of Judy Bloom - Meet the author and find out more...
• Literature-Based Thematic Unit - Developed by ELED 420 Students in Spring 2001 of the Western Kentucky University.


1. Class or Home Discussions
  • Talk about freckles and other physical features that some people have and some do not.

  • Discuss the "specialness" of each individual—of you!

  • Decide what you would do if a friend or classmate wanted to sell you something.

  • Discuss saving your allowance and how to determine good ways to spend it.

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