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Activities for the Reading Club's Featured Books

Our featured selections are award-winning books that are obtainable in print from libraries and bookstores, and are also available in alternate formats (electronic or braille). Grade levels are approximate.

Zooman Sam

By Lois Lowry

1999. Houghton Mifflin Co.

Available in braille from the following sources:

1. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Free loan to registered users; also available from Web-braille as a contracted braille digital file. Users must register with their cooperating library.


1. Learn About Zookeepers
Discuss the job of zookeeper and what kinds of foods Zooman Sam would need to feed the different animals. Readers might also enjoy If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss, a fantasy tale about imaginary animals Gerald McGrew would put in his zoo.

2. Nature Discussion
Use the story as a springboard for a discussion about nature. Talk about the zoo and its place in the community as a way to experience the natural world. Invite a zookeeper in to talk about the natural environments of the animals. Set up a nature center in the classroom and have children be zookeeper for the day to take care of animals in the center.

3. Zoo Garden
Plant a "zoo garden" with plants like lambs' ears, dogwood, and foxglove. For more ideas on a zoo garden, go to

4. Explore Careers
Talk about how Sam learned about the job of zookeeper and his experience "teaching" the class about the animals. Discuss ways of learning about the diversity and range of jobs within the educational field and also the animal world. Use AFB CareerConnect® to find a variety of mentors who are happy to share their experiences and views about work.

5. Write to a Visually Impaired Veterinarian, Veterinary Assistant, or Teacher!
Having learned about a zookeeper's work as well as what it means to teach, e-mail a blind or visually impaired mentor who is a veterinarian, veterinary assistant, or a teacher! Be sure to first register for free, then click on the links below to e-mail your mentor! Tips for your students on contacting them are provided in the Kids section of CareerConnect.

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