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The Reading Club's Featured Books

Our featured selections are award-winning books that are obtainable in print from libraries and bookstores, and are also available in alternate formats (electronic or braille). Grade levels are approximate.

Grades 3-6


By Patricia MacLachlan

1994. Harper Collins

Available in braille or electronic formats from the following sources:

1. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Available in braille and Web-braille
(202) 707-5100

2. Braille Institute
$5.00 - Braille versions available for purchase.
(800) 272-4553

3. Braille International
(800) 336-3142

4. Seedlings
(800) 777-8552

This sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall finds Sarah now married to Jacob and stepmother to Caleb and Anna. As their life together as a family begins, they are faced with a disaster that may destroy their new home. Will Sarah return to Maine and leave her new family behind?

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