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Helen, Anne, and Alexander Graham Bell, 1901

Helen, Anne, and Alexander Graham Bell, 1901
In this scenic photo, Anne and Helen are up on a hilltop, with a river and more hills behind them. (They may be at Alexander Graham Bell's summer home in Nova Scotia, Canada.) Helen is on the left, kneeling next to Anne and Bell, who are seated. Everyone is wearing hats. Helen's straw hat has a spiral of sheer fabric on top and a big dark feather sticking straight up. Anne wears a hat with huge flowers and a white dress with black ribbon trim and elbow-length gloves; she has one hand on her hat and the other hand in Helen's. Bell is sitting on a wicker chair, facing Helen, wearing a jungle explorer-type hat called a pith helmet. His right hand is outstretched to Helen's right hand, and he seems to be communicating with her using the manual alphabet. Behind Bell is another man, possibly John Hitz of the Volta Bureau, wearing a bowler hat.

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