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Meet Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, who will not take the garbage out, and Dirty Dan, the world's dirtiest man. Enjoy these goofy, clever poems, and try writing one of your own! So which poem was your favorite, and why?
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Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends
I love "sister for sale" I'm just like the big brother I sometimes want to get rid of my brother,but I love Alex.
     - g-girl, Mar 27 2009

Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Our book club loved it
     - babygirls, Mar 13 2009

Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends
My favorite poem was definitely "General Clay, and General Gore." (Or vise versa, "General Gore, and General Clay.") I love the last line, "and alas there was no more of General Clay, or General Gore." I like comedian authors. Shel Silverstein is a GREAT example! Thanks to all the funny writers out there!
     - HAL, Feb 23 2008

Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Thanks for your message. The Braille Bug Reading Club gives teachers and parents an opportunity to choose high quality books for children, discuss the books with the kids, and then encourages children to post messages on the message boards. That way other kids can respond. The information for teachers in the Reading Club area gives teachers ideas for enrichment. We also tie some of the Braille Bug games to books chosen for the club. The rest of the Braille Bug site can also be used in the classroom, of course! If you have a specific question about the site, send a message to The message boards are really designed for discussing specific books. --The Braille Bug

Re: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Hi, I was just reading Where the Sidewalk Ends the other day and really enjoyed Dirty Dan. I'm a teacher and will be teaching a new grade level this year, third grade. I've been using the internet to help me look up lesson plans I might find useful especially for chapter books. In the process of checking out different web sites I came across the Braille Bug Club in looking up sights for Helen Keller. I've never done this before and I'm not quite sure how it works. I wanted to check this out hoping your site might be something my third graders might be interested in doing. What happens now?

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