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Jonas, the main character in this story, lives in utopia where there is no hunger, no disease, no fear. He eagerly awaits the Ceremony of Twelve, when twelve-year-olds receive their assignments for their lifelong profession. He wonders if he will be assigned to be a "Nurturer" like his father or an important position in the Department of Justice like his mother. Jonas is surprised when he is selected as a "Receiver of Memories" one of the most highly honored positions in the community.
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Re: The Giver
This book was completely awesome I'm am going to try to read that sequal it sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!
     - nikki, Mar 10 2009

Re: The Giver
I think this a really good book. It can be a little confusing though. I really enjoyed the part when Jonas received the memory of christmas, that was so cool. I also liked when he recieved the memory of snow. In case anyone was wondering, there is a sequel, it is called Gathering Blue, i haven't read it but am going to soon.
     - cm108, Nov 11 2008

Re: The Giver
i had to read this book for school and i liked it even though some parts did not fit with others
     - horsegal, Apr 19 2008

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