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Have you read this funny, touching story about a pig and his best friend -- a spider? Wilbur is "Some Pig," according to Charlotte, who launches a spirited web-writing campaign to save Wilbur from his fate.
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Charlotte's Web
This is cool. But I like the moive to!
     - kenzi1arm, Feb 7 2010

Re: Charlotte's Web
We are going to read this for march and the end of February
     - babygirls, Feb 26 2009

Re: Charlotte's Web
it is great i saw the movie and read the book 1000 times each.
     - omshantiom, Jul 2 2008

Re: Charlotte's Web
i love this book
     - nasa10, Jun 21 2008

Re: Charlotte's Web
Charlotte web is a really good book. it is about freindship and it is really good.
     - Braille, May 15 2008

Re: Charlotte's Web
This book has captivated my heart. It is a book that kids would want to read over and over again -- at least, my siblings do. This book is awesome.
     - grac3oo, Sep 29 2007

Re: Charlotte's Web
I liked Wilbur because he is the main character and because he is a pig!

Re: Charlotte's Web
This book made me laugh out loud in parts, and cry hard in others. Have you read it? Who was your favorite character?

Re: Charlotte's Web

Re: Charlotte's Web
I liked Wilbur, too. What made you like him the best?

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