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Salamanca, a 13-year old girl, is on a car trip out to the western United States with her grandparents. Along the way, she tells them the story of her friend Phoebe and mysterious happenings in the new town to which she and her father have recently moved. Sal is hoping her grandparents will hurry on their trip so she can visit her mother who has disappeared. This moving, mysterious, and poignant book is a Newbery Award winner.
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Re: Walk Two Moons
Walk Two Moons was a very emotional book. It was very enjoyable. I loved it, even though i am not blind.( please forgive me if i offened anyone)
     - Uyenvy, Jan 2 2009

Re: Walk Two Moons
This book rockets!!!It is about a girl who must learn to acsept life as it comes which can be hard at times. This book has awards. I highly recomend it.
     - Dingo_Dawg, Jan 15 2008

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