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Marty finds a lost beagle behind his West Virginia home. He hides his new pet, Shiloh, to keep him safe from his original owner, who is cruel to the hunting dogs that he owns. Read how Marty solves his problem to protect the beagle.
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Re: Shiloh
I could only watch Shiloh once because I thought it was so sad. I think the dog is realy cute though.

Re: Shiloh
Just to let your know that in Shiloh at the end Marty gets his wish. He gets to get a dog. I think he is cool.

Re: Shiloh
Shiloh is one of the best books ever made. Good story, cute dog, great ending what else can u ask for. I have all the books and all the movies. Buy the book people it is worth the money.

Re: Shiloh
It was very brave of Shiolh to protect the beagle

Re: Shiloh
I think that Shiloh was a very touching story and I would love to read the book again.

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