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While 13-year-old Brian is going to visit his father in Canada, the small plane he is flying in crashes in the Canadian wilderness. He is alone and unprepared to live in the wilderness, but he has one asset: his hatchet. How will Brian survive?
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.Re: Hatchet
I've read the book and I don't know if I could handle what Brian went threw, but I understand the psychological change he experienced.
     - kerra-agemini, Dec 7 2009

Re: Hatchet
I don't know how he's going to survive. Maybe he'll meet somebody and get some help. Probably be a grown-up.
     - bert, Nov 14 2008

From Hal: On "Hatchet"
I don't know why no one has left a comment yet! Hatchet is such a GREAT book! Three cheers to Gary Paulson for creating such a wonder! Now to answer the question. I'm not going to spoil the book to those who haven't read it. So I'll just say what my first instinct was when I was reading the book. So he has a hatchet. He has wood. Wood+hatchet=FIRE!!! Will fire be enough to attract the planes? Will someone see Brian's S.O.S before it's to late? Read to find out!
     - HAL, Feb 23 2008

Re: Hatchet
This book tells of a young boy who gets stranded in an unknown wildlife island and gets mixed up in very real events suchas having to eat turtle eggs, making shelter, eating berries, and etc. This book is awesome for anyone who loves adventure, nature, and suspense!
     - grac3oo, Oct 15 2007

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